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*COVID-19 Update* - November 18, 2020

As directed by the Provincial Health Officer:

Masks are now Mandatory in our building as well as our office in addition to the protocols below.

To all Patients of Sahali Dental Centre,

Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.  We are looking forward to seeing you to provide dental services in this new normal.

Dental offices have always had to comply with strict infection control protocols designed to safeguard against the spread of severely contagious diseases.  In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented the following additional safety protocols.  Despite the strictest infection control protocols, it is always safest to stay at home, especially if you are over 70, or you have lung disease, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or are immunocompromised in any way.

Enhanced COVID-19 Safety Protocols as of May 2020

  1. Employees are screened daily for COVID-19 risk factors (symptoms, temperature, contact with suspected cases, etc.) and a log is kept. Those at risk of being infected are required to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to work.
  2. Patients are screened for COVID-19 risk factors and pre-existing conditions when scheduling an appointment, and upon arrival.  Patient temperatures are taken and recorded at check-in.  If risk factors are present, the appointment will be deferred.
  3. Upon entry and exit to the office, everyone must use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  4. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at the reception desks, and chairs in the waiting room are 2 metres apart.  Patients are encouraged to bring a mask and wear it in non-clinical areas.
  5. To facilitate patient physical distancing, schedules are being staggered and patients are being asked to come to the office no sooner than 5 minutes before their appointment time.  After treatment is completed, patients are guided to the checkout desk individually to avoid crowding.
  6. Employees are practicing 2 metre physical distancing in common areas, such as reception, offices, and the lunchroom.
  7. All touched surfaces in common areas (counters, doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, chairs) are cleaned at least twice daily with disinfection wipes.  Debit terminals, pens and clipboards are wiped after each patient use.  All magazines, books and kid’s toys have been removed.
  8. Clinical staff will be wearing gloves, eye protection, appropriate mask, face shield, scrubs, and sometimes a gown or lab coat.  They will change into their clinical clothing when they get to work and change back into their street clothes when they leave.  Non-clinical staff will wear gloves and a mask when disinfecting the common areas.
  9. Before treatment, patients are asked to use a 1% hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse for 60 seconds to reduce the viral and bacterial quantities in the mouth.
  10. To reduce aerosols, a rubber dam and high-volume suction is used whenever possible during treatment.
  11. Treatment rooms are very thoroughly cleaned and wiped with disinfectant after each patient.  Clinical equipment such as face shields, computer keyboards, patient eye protection, etc. are all disinfected after every treatment. 

We appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding as we adhere to these strict safety guidelines.

The Sahali Dental Team
Daryl Shinkewski, DMD
Glenn Neilson, DMD
Dali Li, DMD

To view our complete WorkSafe Office Safety Plan, click Here

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